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Journals & Proceedings Publications

Journal Publications 

Important details

o Each registrant can submit only ONE manuscript for publication consideration.

o The conference participants who choose to submit full paper for publication in the conference E-Proceedings will not be able to submit full paper for publication in the journals.

o Please select only ONE journal for your full-paper submission. Please note that submitted manuscript must align with journal scope. If it is not, it may be rejected.

o The conference participants must submit your full paper for journal publication following guidelines for submission.  

o Full paper must be submitted on the conference website 

After a peer-reviewed process, the following journals will publish selected works from all symposia (please note that it could take up to 6-18 months to publish the accepted papers, depending upon the publication process of each journal).   


SmartMat-2020 Journals Support


Updates on Conference Publications are as follows,

ISI Web of Knowledge

1.Ferroelectrics (Q4)​-Confirmed-(unlimited) 

 Instructions for authors

2.Integrated Ferroelectrics (Q4)​-Confirmed-(unlimited) 

Instructions for authors

3.Surface Review and Letters (Q4)-Confirmed-25-30 papers

 Instructions for authors

4.Radiation Physics and Chemistry (Q1)-Confirmed-20-25 papers 

Instructions for authors

5.Polymer​-Plastics​ Technology​ and Materials​ (Q2)​-Confirm​ed (15​ Selected Papers)

Instructions for authors

6.Ceramics International (Q1)​-Confirmed (Pre-selected and Submitted via Regular Review Process)

Instructions for authors

7.Journal of American Ceramic Society (Q1)​- Confirmed (Pre-selected and Submitted via Regular Review Process)

Instructions for authors

8. Designed Monomers and Polymers (Q2) -​ Confirmed (Open Access - unlimited) 

Instructions for authors


Elsevier’s Scopus Index

1.Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier)-Confirmed-(unlimited) 


2.Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology​ (SJST)​-​ Confirmed-20 papers

Instructions for authors

3.Current Applied Science and Technology (CAST) - Confirmed- 7 papers

Instructions for authors

4.Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals (JMMM) -​ Confirmed-10 papers 

 Instructions for authors


TCI: Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre​ (Tier 1& Tier 2)

1.Journal of Materials Science and Applied Energy (JMASE)- Confirmed-10-20 papers

Instructions for authors

2. SNRU journal of Science and Technology -  Confirmed-10-20 papers

Instructions for authos

3.Thai Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (TJNN) Confirmed- 10-20 papers

Instructions for authors


Official Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

1. SmartMat@2020 Conference E-Proceedings -​(unlimited)

Templete [WORD] / [PDF]

Very Important!!!

[1] All full papers must submit to SmartMat@2020 submission system for pre-review (or full review). Then we will contact you for journal submission again.

[2] Manauscript must be prepared in journal format for full papaer submission.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:


1. Advanced Functional, Optical and Energy Materials 

2. Nanomaterials, Catalyst, Surface Science and Thin Film Technology 

3. Ceramic and Glass Technology 

4. Applied Polymer materials and Biomaterials 

5. Metal, Alloy, Materials Processing and Corrosion 

6. Advanced Composites and Construction Materials 

7. Condensed Matter and Computational Materials Science 

8. Instrumentation and Advanced Materials Characterization 

The 5th International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology (SmartMat@2020)

December 1 - 4, 2020, Pattaya, Thailand


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